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What do I teach?


​Directing Fundamentals
Different roles of the director, techniques for actor coaching, designer collaboration and communication, staging, text analysis, and physical rehearsal tools

Scene Study and Monologue Work (For adults, teens and kids)

Text analysis, physical and vocal technique, audition coaching, improv work, relationship and character development


Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching (For business professionals)
Lots of the techniques and skills used in the theater translate directly to the business world.  Tailored workshops or one-on-one coaching give practical tools and advice to help professionals develop dynamic and engaging presentations and public speaking styles. 

Script Analysis

Text analysis for prose and verse, script development, roles of the dramaturg and respect for the well made play

Theater History

The story of live performance from prehistory to the present. This survey can be extremely broad or focused on specific topics or periods in history. 


Questions? Please feel free to email me or check out my CV

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