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I am white and a theatre maker who has benefited from and been complicit in oppressive systems that have hurt BIPOC artists, colleagues, neighbors and friends. I, like many, have been learning, working and deeply questioning my past actions and assumptions in work and life. I feel shame and regret for hurtful choices I've made and actions I've taken. 

Moving forward, I will actively leverage my privilege, access and other power in both the theatre community and world at large to do better. This includes casting shows, nurturing ensembles, championing stories to tell and getting out of the way of others whose voices should be filling a room instead of my own. 

I am a work in progress and there is much to do.

I'm grateful to the artists that have spoken up and held white theatre makers to account even though that is not your job. I'm hopeful that our industry and our art can lead the way in empowering and amplifying voices of people that have been pushed to the margins for too long, and in doing so, help build a vibrant, just and equitable world for all. 
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